Advisory Board

The Undocumented Student Advisory Council's purpose is to advocate for the rights and needs of the undocumented student community at the University of Connecticut and beyond.



Kelly Ruesta | Undergraduate Student; Program Specialist, Puerto Rican/Latin American Cultural Center   


Mark Overmyer-Velazquez | Dean and Chief Administrative Officer, University of Connecticut-Hartford   



Maureen Armstrong | Associate Dean of Students & Director, Dean of Students Office   


Karen Bresciano | Assistant Dean of The Graduate School Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Affairs  


Lisa Famularo | Assistant Director, Equity & Inclusion, Center for Career Development   


Mona Lucas | Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Policies and Strategic Initiatives  


Kenny Nienhusser | Associate Professor, Higher Education, and Student Affairs, Neag School of Education    


Suzanne Peters | Director, Office of Student Financial Aid Services  


Fany Hannon | Dean of Students


Valentina Rodriguez Aguado | Undergraduate Student  


Omar Romandia | Doctoral Student, Education Policy, Neag School of Education  


Katia Ruesta | Health Promotion Facilitator, SHaW   


Lesley Salafia | General Counsel   


Glorimarie Peña Alicea | UConn Graduate Assistant, Literatures, Cultures, and Languages


Danielle Stephenson | Undergraduate Student  


Joseline Tlacomulco | Regional Political Coordinator, Office of Governor Ned Lamont  


Michael Vidal | Interim Director, Puerto Rican/Latin American Cultural Center   


Nishelli Ahmed | Program Manager | Mental Health & Health Equity Initiatives


Erika Becerra Gutierrez | HESA Graduate Student | Neag School of Education


Alyse Lofman-Kwapien | Interim Director of Cash Management | Office of the Bursar


Katie Roy | Registered Nurse | SHaW


Soyoon Seo | Undergraduate Student


Hashem Sufyan | Undergraduate Student


Alma Velez | Undergraduate Student


Jonathan Bustamante | Undergraduate Student


Frank Gifford | Associate Vice President | UConn Foundation


Ex-Officio Members 

Nathan Fuerst | Vice President, Enrollment Planning and Management  


Frank Tuitt | Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer  


Administrative Support 

Brianna Zecchini | Division of Student Life & Enrollment 


Colleen Brochu | University of Connecticut-Hartford